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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi everyone!

OK, this is coming a bit late, as I already added the blinkie, but, officially I’m not selling Posers at Lollipops N Gumrdops.

Why don’t you come and check out the store? We’ve got some awesome designers (and I’m not trying to pull your leg). Just check out some of the names that should be familiar to you:

KnC Scrapz, BabyCakes Scraps, Bea Creation’s, Beach Bliss Scraps, Halo’s Designs, Jens Sweet Temptations, LadyRaven Creations, Scrap Moment Designz, Scrappin Mar & many, many more.

The store is having a sale going on right now, that will last till October 16th - so hurry!

Furthermore, we’re still seeking new designers - why not check it out?

Also, I decided to combine my Posertubes Blog with this Blog as it’s easier for me to maintain one main blog, than two blogs, especially right now.

I’m going to keep on making Freebies (kits as well as Posertubes), so, no worries. However, I hope if you like the Freebies, you are also going to check out my items for sale.

Thank you for reading!




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