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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I've decided to participate in a blog train by Bits N Bobs, and the theme was Let's Be Thankful. Here's my contribution to it - hope you'll like. It's a tagger size kit.

Be sure to check out the other train stations for more beautiful kits! Enjoy and have fun with your new goodies!!


The other Train Stations

Dark Moon's Dream You are here

Friday, October 16, 2009


Here are finally the Freebie Posertubes I’ve created throughout the past few weeks, and which I had already sent through the group. Ought to keep you busy for a little bit, I’d hope. ;-)



AutumnsElfin - 10 Poses


AutumnsFairy - 10 Poses

AutumnsFairy Preview

AutumnsFlower - 10 Poses

AutumnsFlower Preview

Blossoms - 10 Poses

Blossoms Preview

Pathos - 10 Poses

Pathos Preview

Telka - 10 Poses

Telka Preview

3 Bears - 6 Poses

3Bears Preview

MamaBear - 10 Poses

MamaBear Preview

PapaBear - 10 Poses

PapaBear Preview

LilBear - 10 Poses

LilBear Preview

3Pigs - 10 Poses

3Pigs Preview

LilPig - 10 Poses

LilPig Preview

LilPiggy - 10 Poses

LilPiggy Preview

LittlePig - 10 Poses

LittlePig Preview

BigBadWolf - 10 Poses

BigBadWolf Preview

GrandmaWolf - 10 Poses

GrandmaWolf Preview

PussNBoots - 10 Poses

PussNBoots Preview

LadySinger - 10 Poses

LadySinger Preview

LilRockGirl - 10 Poses

LilRockGirl Preview

MyLilBat - 10 Poses

MyLilBat Preview

SpiderMistress - 10 Poses

SpiderMistress Preview


I have a few new Posersets available at Lollipops n Gumdrops. I’m also currently having a sale till 10/24/09 - all Posersets 45% off. Check it out!

Please note that one of the Posersets (Inked Raine) contains SAC material before you click on the preview!


Owls - Variety

Owls - Variety

This Poser set includes 7 different Owl Species’ as well as 2 Fantasy Owls. Species’ included are: Barn Owl, Eagle Owl, Great Grey Owl, Little Owl,...

Sale: $1.65
Save: 45% off

... more info

Hallow’s LeMora

Hallow’s LeMora

Hallow’s LeMora is a sassy, yet classy lady who can’t wait to make her entrance in your projects. While dressed especially for the Halloween Season,...

Sale: $1.65
Save: 45% off

... more info

Inked Raine

Inked Raine

Inked Raine has attitude to boot, and a spunk that will certainly add a frisky, bold flair to your creations. Caution - this Poser Set contains adult...

Sale: $1.65
Save: 45% off

... more info

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hi everyone!

OK, this is coming a bit late, as I already added the blinkie, but, officially I’m not selling Posers at Lollipops N Gumrdops.

Why don’t you come and check out the store? We’ve got some awesome designers (and I’m not trying to pull your leg). Just check out some of the names that should be familiar to you:

KnC Scrapz, BabyCakes Scraps, Bea Creation’s, Beach Bliss Scraps, Halo’s Designs, Jens Sweet Temptations, LadyRaven Creations, Scrap Moment Designz, Scrappin Mar & many, many more.

The store is having a sale going on right now, that will last till October 16th - so hurry!

Furthermore, we’re still seeking new designers - why not check it out?

Also, I decided to combine my Posertubes Blog with this Blog as it’s easier for me to maintain one main blog, than two blogs, especially right now.

I’m going to keep on making Freebies (kits as well as Posertubes), so, no worries. However, I hope if you like the Freebies, you are also going to check out my items for sale.

Thank you for reading!



Sunday, October 4, 2009

I participated in another Misfit Creations Scrap Challenge, and here is my contribution. Please click on the preview if you'd like to see the full size preview.

Misfits Halloween Kit

Not all items included are shown on the preview. If you'd like to grab it, please visit the Misfit Creations Blog.

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