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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Good evening!

My first kit, and also the kit I made for my "final lesson" for Winni's group. Hope someone might like it.

There are 21 papers & 1 overlay in the kit, as well as well over 100 elements (and, nope, the preview does not display all elements but just so you get an idea of what's in there). The preview shows kit at 25 % of actual size (it's a full size kit, not a taggers kit)

Unfortunately, being on dial-up, I had quite a struggle uploading the kit, *sigh*, and I had to split the kit up into 7 separate files.

Anyway - I'm proud of my first kit! lol Gosh, never thought the day would come I'd not only managed to make my own first scrap kit, but would also actually be proud of it. =)



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